AI Business Roundtables

Accelerating AI Integration


Stratox has initiated a series of Business Roundtables that dive into the practical steps, challenges, and obstacles of integrating AI models into real-world processes.

Last winter, we organized the first AI Business Roundtable near our offices at the Scott and Weber Gallery Lounge in Prague. Our discussions focused on leveraging AI solutions for enhanced software development and new business logic. 

We have already executed three sessions where we discussed the need for robust technologies as a safe base for AI implementation, drivers for change management, and the need for immediate learning through experimenting.


Upcoming Event:

Our upcoming Business Roundtable No. 4 will delve into AI in its cloud-native form, exploring easy deployment and scaling techniques. Join us on May 31st as we demonstrate how to utilize AI, particularly in a cloud-native environment. Let’s embark on this journey towards AI-powered software development, seizing opportunities to shape the future of technology and drive unprecedented growth.

Event Highlights:

  • Expert Discussions: Gain insights from leading experts on leveraging AI in cloud-native environments.
  • Practical Use Cases: Learn from real-world examples developed in our AI lab.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry peers and share experiences.

Prototyping and Integration:

During our last discussions, we explored a real use case of an AI model developed in our AI lab. 


On May 31st, we’ll showcase how to utilize AI and, more importantly, why to use it in a cloud-native environment. This discussion will focus on practical strategies for seamless integration and scaling of AI solutions.

Key Takeaways:

AI integration into business processes is essential for companies looking to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. Our sessions emphasize the importance of a solid technological foundation, continuous experimentation, and agile methodologies. By leveraging tools like CodeNOW, businesses can accelerate their AI adoption, reduce operational complexities, and achieve faster time-to-market for AI-powered solutions.

Our upcoming Business Roundtable No. 4, where we’ll delve into AI in its cloud-native form, will explore easy deployment and scaling techniques.

AI prototyping and integration – accelerated CodeNOW

On the previous meetup we looked into a real use case of an AI model that was developed using our AI lab.

The picture demonstrates the streamlined workflow and technological stack used for developing and deploying AI models. It shows the process from idea selection, service prototyping, and minimal viable product (MVP) development to integration and scaling. Key components include CodeNOW’s automated value delivery platform, which supports rapid onboarding, built-in compliance, and a zero-trust architecture. It also highlights the use of cloud-native tools like Kubernetes, Jupyter, and AI frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, enabling secure, efficient, and scalable AI implementation in a hybrid cloud environment.


If you want to know more before you come to the meetup here you can see an overview of what we talked about in the previous meetups.

Our previous meetups:

Business roundtableI 7.12.2023

Business roundtable II  25.1.2024

Business roundtable III 5.4.2024

Business roundtable IV 31.5.2024

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