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Stratox is a company built by senior developers and solution architects. This is why companies trust us with their difficult tasks and what makes us a place where new colleagues can grow fast.

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Companies are looking for a solution to deliver business value faster through software innovation. Stratox Cloud Native has created CodeNOW to avoid usual pitfalls in cloud-native development and operations. It is built on a solid foundation of well-established open-source technologies.

You could invest hundreds of workdays in building your own technology stack, or you could just use CodeNOW off the shelf, with no risks – as a Service. Our ready-made solution enables you and your team to focus again on creating core business improvements.

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If you are looking for proven and reliable professionals in software development, analysis, or architecture, Stratox Professionals is happy to help you. We are able to offer new team members according to your specific requirements and across multiple disciplines, for short and long-term engagements.

We pride ourselves on our speed of delivery and level of cooperation. A team of industry professionals will work together with you to find the best candidate.

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Whether you are just commencing your digital journey or you have already progressed with your strategy, there is still a long way to go to reach your digital maturity. In fact, this evolution goes much beyond implementing digital platforms and state-of-the-art technology – it is about achieving growth in the digital world.

While compliance is usually viewed as an unnecessary burden that entails unwarranted costs, it has become an efficient way for industries to deal with their shortcomings in business practices. Stratox Advisory is your partner in defining a path through this winding digital journey.

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