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Digital Transformation and Strategic Advisory

Today’s changing and challenging world requires companies to react to changing conditions very quickly. We love creating strategies that take a leap forward a solve difficult questions that matter to you.

Make the right strategic decision faster.

Challenges Stratox Advisory can help you with:

  • I need to change how I run my business. Can I model the impact of a new operating model into my bottom line result?
  • What is the impact on cash flow, working capital, cost budgets, capital requirements, pricing, human resources?
  • What-if modeling of your strategic moves or external changes? Can I create scenarios in seconds and minutes not in days?
  • Can I visualize where the changes have an impact on my business?
  • How do I integrate business cases of my projects into the companies’ financial planning and forecasting?

Financial Performance

Finance has become increasingly complex in the changing market dynamics. A CFO is now an integral part of the business and development team. The operational level of the finance function is mostly automated. The finance team is providing business leader with the answers to ‘why’ and ‘how’.

Challenges we can help you with:

  • How to improve my profitability, driving growth quickly and profitably?
  • How to reduce manual work?
  • How to integrate optimally with the SSC?
  • How to build a planning and forecasting process that involves all relevant managers but does not consume their time inefficiently?
  • How will changes in regulation affect business economics, customer priorities, and the universe of possible strategic moves?
  • What business risks am I facing and how to mitigate them?

Effective Compliance

Businesses increasingly rely on stored customer data, making its security and regulatory compliance important factors required to maintain the organizations’ stability and public face. Without the help of an appropriate solution provider, organizations find themselves spending excessive time researching the regulatory changes, managing data security, and preparing documentation for regulatory authorities. We are ready to help you effectively using our technological solutions.

Challenges we can help you with:

  • Your regulatory project is just consuming resources without providing any business value. How do I change it?
  • Can I anticipate upcoming regulations?
  • How to implement requirements effectively, so it does not become a big burden?
  • How to run it without additional resources?

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