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70+ developers, analysts, architects, and operations specialists

Solving difficult challenges for our clients

Our highly qualified team at Stratox Professionals has spent years in the banking, automotive, and logistics industry as well as in startups.

We don’t just focus on technical aspects. True success is achieved by taking a holistic approach. The organization of your team plus the selection of the right methods might contribute more to your victory than the latest versions of trendy technologies.

Our skills

We offer the best people with the skills you require for your projects in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Solution & Application Architecture
  • Business & IT Analysis
  • Delivery & Operations Management
  • Business architecture
  • Product development

And we are able to find any other professionals on the market.

Industry Domains

We have decades of experience in the following business domains:

  • Banking
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Startups

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We are certified

As a true supporter of the Open Source movement, we have put Kubernetes at the center of our services and product development.

We are able to provide Kubernetes Certified Administrators for your project.

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